Saturday, September 22, 2012

Windhand / Ty Segall / Thee Oh Sees

Doom from Virginia of the hypnotic/almost-psychedelic/only-kinda-evil variety. Best I've heard in awhile, BUT....

...this one took a minute to grow on me...probably about 3-4 listens on their bandcamp page before I was like "I gotta order that". Came on a sweet 'bone white' colored record too...check 'em out HERE.

Kris tipped me off to Ty Segall (and Thee Oh Sees) on one of my visits to Vancouver. This is his latest: 


Pretty sweet, but I could've done without the Fuzzwar track. SF Noise-rock/low-fi/freak rock.

Thee Oh Sees: "Carrion Crawler/The Dream"

More SF Good-ness. Kinda reminds me of a more fuzzy, echo-y B-52s at times.

Also, the new Eagle Twin (The Feather tipped the Serpent's Scale) has been updated from "pretty good" to "Pretty Righteous" on the ol' Bozman scale with repeated listenings. It's what I wanted their first album to be (I don't recommend it). The Combo of "Hornsnakehorn" and "it came to pass..." is Killer!

Let's do this,

PS the current header-photo is Kim listening to the new Dopesmoker in a trance-like state one afternoon...feel free to change it up.


  1. Boss, great picks. I was hoping to upload Windhand this week until you snatched it. I've really been digging this record. I don't understand how it took 3 or 4 listens for you to get into it. I made that decision in about 15 seconds. Great cover art too. Also, the Eagle Twin record is expected to finally cross the border into the northern hinterland where I abide on Friday (tomorrow) after a long and arduous journey. I agree that said record is rather righteous. Ty's new record is still awesome but didn't blow me away like the last few have. I'm not 100% sure why though, all the tracks (except fuzz war) have all the right components...maybe I need to keep working at it. What's your opinion? How does it compare to 'Melted' or 'Goodbye Bread'?

  2. Thanks.

    Dunno why Windhand didn't jump at me. Now, I love that album. My number one pick to crank up when I need to get some serious computer work done. Something about it is just right. And, yes, the album art is killer.

    I think as an album, Slaughterhouse isn't as strong as "Melted" (I don't have Goodbye Bread, only his S/T with the crazy bubbles/mask(?) on the cover) although the individual tracks are great. It left me wanting a bit more, even though I like what's there.

    I looked back at your old blog (forgot about it, honestly). Why didn't we do this sooner?

    You're up, by the way.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, I forgot about that old blog, it didn't really last that long. I sure wrote a bit more in my posts back then. Maybe I'll pick up the verbosity in my next post here. Everybody loves lengthy, uninformed, pointless diatribes. PHEPH stands for Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc which is latin for after this therefore because of this. It is a common logical fallacy whereby an event is claimed as the cause of another event simply because the first event precedes the other. One famous example would be claiming that the rooster brings the dawn because you may have heard the rooster crow just before dawn consistenly. More importantly, it was the name of Dave and me's prog rock band back in the day and happens to be my Google profile name. ok?

    2. I totally remember PHEPH, now. I think I actually have a CD with some of your 'proto-material' on it (with Greg from PR on bass, right?).

      Oh, and thanks for the lesson, dad, but I know what PHEPH means (once it's spelled out for me). No need to lord your top-drawer Canadian education over us down here. But, I DO like a good ol' fashioned pointless diatribe. Keep it coming!

      Stoked to sit with the new update when I get a chance.

      I am excite.

  4. That Ty Segall album cover gives me nightmares. Seriously, I can't even look at it.