Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Notes from San Francisco, standard issues and tangent lines

My apologies at the late arrival Lady and Gentleman's, I've been moving for the last two weeks and do not have internet at my new place. It also has taken me a week to figure out how to post videos to blogger, so any way... So if you only come away with one band from this post being added to your down load(or if your old fashioned like me, CD/Vinyl) wish list, let it please be the Coachwhips. This is in my mind the best Rock and Roll/Garage outfit to come out of SF in the last 20 years. I thought it fitting to open and focus this post with them because their sister band, the psychadelic-fuzz-fi Oh Cees seem to be an across the boards fav on the Sonic Divide. The Coachwhips and the Oh Cees are really just one guy playing with different groups of friends, that one guy, a Rhode Island transplant, is Jon Dwyer. JD is a musical assembly line heading various live acts playing multiple gigs a week in the area. His list of bands I am familiar with goes like this, Pink and Brown-noise/fuzz/fast/loud as fuck garage, The Hospitals-noise/fuzz/fast/loud as fuck punk, The Coachwhips-noise/fuzz/fast/loud as fuck rock and roll, Drums- two guys playing drums one of them sings-see previous descriptions, Sword and Sandals- A free Jazz outfit-Dwyer plays the drums(probably his coolest group), and of course the Oh Cees lo/fuzz/pop/fi(sounds like a soriety). While most of these bands claim to be retired or disbanded one-off comebacks are frequent, and on any given night you may see old Jon as an opening act at some shit hole venue playing under a moniker like Jampires. With out further adieu, here is the music: Coachwhips off their LP Double Death: Here is a clip of the Hospitals playing live, fast forward to 1:18 when a fist fight breaks out between the drummer and an unhappy concert goer, then watch Dwyer at 1:41 jump off the base Drum and guitar smash the bastard: His first group in SF was Pink and Brown, their Double Disc Shame Fantasy is worth a listen, here is "Messy Bessy, Get Undressy": Pink and Brown was a guitar and drums foil to the band Lightning Bolt who are a bass and drum duo out of Rhode Island. Lightning Bolt haul serious ass. They are definitely worth a listen, and then a down load. Here they are with 2 Towers off the Wonderful Rainbow Lp: to be continued tomorrow when I have more internet time...


  1. hey man! I like that Coachwhips stuff. ima download it toooonight! And that video is serious. and great. seriously great.

  2. That video made my night! Good stuff, all of this! Lightning bolt is awesome.