Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Budos Band / BrownOut

Hello again, Friends!

RKN is feeling a bit of a time-crunch these days (no-doubt some sort of coconut related crisis), so we're going to pick him up in the rotation next time. Until then, I've got a few more for everyone.

Kris' Charles Bradley post led me down a Daptone-inspired wormhole of new-soul. Some of the members of Mr. Bradley's backing-band are involved with The Budos Band. Where to start with these guys? Afro-funk with a strong South American influence all stewed in the melting pot of the greater New York area. David, these dudes are practically in the apartment next to you. And they fucking rule.

This is the kind of band I always thought (wished) my old funk band would morph into if we were to stick with it (and if we weren't, y'know, 17 year old hacks...); cool arrangements, an obviously huge list of influences, totally unwaveringly dissonant at times and straight up beautiful at others. Groovy as hell all the time. These dudes rule.

While their first album is great, their 3rd album (creatively named Budos Band III. I'm positive this is an ACID KING reference) really shows some range and some risk. And a Cobra on the cover. Check out two of my favorite moody selections from III:

Nature's Wrath:

And Here we have Black Venom. The rhythm section vamp on this is soooooo killer.

In the same vein we've got Brownout. I first heard about these guys about 5 years ago. A BBoy (is that term still Kosher, Goldman?) that was training at SFCF brought some of it in while he was training. I was hooked. Definitely more latin-influenced with strong elements of funk, and psychedelic rock. It is safe to say they are not afraid to lay down a solid montuno. They also have three albums. My fav is Agulias and Cobras.

Here's two for you. First up is Con El Cuete:

Also check out Framed By Death.

Anyway, that's what's been occupying my earholes lately. That and the crushing JUDJUDs-into-hammer-on-descending-line of YOB's "Burning The Altar". Nonstop.

Keep it really real,

PS NEWS: Tweak Bird has a new one out. It hasn't arrived in my mail-box yet, so I'll let you know when I know. Also, Rush was just recently inducted into the Rock N Roll hall of Fame alongside Public Enemy. Just FYI.


  1. WHOA! Both the Budos band and Brownout was love at first listen. Thanks brother!

  2. Boss,

    Nice post. I love the Budos Band. I'm assuming that you're Daptone journey has introduced you to Sharon Jones. Is she righteous or what? I cannot wait for Tweak Bird's disc. Isn't it amazing that it took this long for Rush to be inducted into the Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame, I'm disappointed that they were overlooked by the establishment for so long. It's probably because they're Canadian. We just don't get any respect.

    Stay Real

  3. Sometimes I have Yob JUDJUD Roadburn flashbacks and it blows my mind all over again. Seriously.