Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Earthless/ Phyllis Dillon/PITCTIAH/The Professor Brothers

Greetings and salutations from Brooklyn, NY.  Old Adrian Bozman just left yesterday after fun couple days of lifting weights and getting groped by men.  Seriously.. we went to this thing called Blackout NYC which was about 6 straight rooms of dudes dry humping us. Awful.  Maybe that's a story better left for face to face conversation..

Anyway, lets start off with some epic jamz. I first heard these guys on the ISIS pandora station and was immediately hooked. I played this album in the gym earlier this week and a had a lot of folks come up to me and be like "what is this?? It's awesome" Great for lifting, great for vibing, great all around. I'm thinking I might be really late to the party on these guys, but I still thought I'd share.

I'm glad Ross put some Dub in here, which I also love. It inspired me to dig up an old favorite, Phyllis Dillon, the Queen of Jamaican Soul. One life to live is a great album.  Here's one of her gems from the late 60s and maybe her most popular track. If this tune doesn't bury itself in your brain and get stuck there for weeks, you're not human.

Next up is Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack (PITCTIAH). Post punk, hardcore mixed with some funk and lots of samples.  I love these guys and have been searching for their record for years now with no luck.  Heard about them in high school actually and have been listening to what I can find online since.

And last, but not least, I'll leave you with a real crowd pleaser.. "The Professor Brothers". Brain child of Brad Neely, these videos are perhaps more informative than anything else. Some of you guys aren't Americans so you might not know much about our presidents. Take notes.



  2. Man that was a lot of groping...

    Gonna look up some Phyllis when I get home (gotta hop a plane in an hour).

    Also I'm a big fan of the Bible Stories Neely short....look it up!


  3. Listened to Phyllis on Spotify for about 3hrs on a layover at Heathrow airport. Gonna have to find some hard-copies now. Thanks for that.