Friday, January 4, 2013

Feed Your Eyeholes: Arik Roper

I'm just gonna squeak one in here...stuff on my mind...

Let's diversify. In addition to the the full spectrum frequency, fatty aural journey let us not forget the ocular joy of a well themed and executed album cover (revisit your delight when you really took a moment to see exactly what the hell was happening on that Megasus cover).

There is a direct relationship between the quality (of a majority) of the music of a genre and the quality of art on the majority of the albums (of given genre). One day ima work out the f(x) for it. Bottom line...there is some pretty amazing art happening in the heavy music genre.

Arik Roper is the man.

He is like N.C. Wyeth meets Frazetta and Vallejo. His sense of psychedelia is not standard 60's, hippie, drug graphic. It's ghosts of images second guessing your eyes in beautifully designed and articulated lines that make you wish you were on drugs.

He is also a sentimental favorite of mine because he did the cover art for both Dopesmoker albums as well as a beautifully illustrated book about fungi that Adrian gave me (because he knows and loves me well :).

Most recently, I ordered this rockin' limited edition black light poster for the Bozman household. Future plans include possibly commissioning him to do a 3' x 6' painting of "Moonage Daydream" with Adrian and I as the main characters. Check. Him. Out.


APB here. Found this gem along the same lines. It was too good to keep to myself, but not enough for its own post.


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